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This is where...well im gonna have my squeaky and shiny new drawings! adn my old rusty ones too!XD



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So um..

haven't been on in a while
haven't gotten to my messages yet
if anyone is still sorry
school and work and other things have taken up my time almost entirely
did I mention I got a bird?
she's the best c:

love you guys, just still working up the money for another computer. maybe ill upload paper doodles in a bit...dunno haven't really been drawing lately thanks to work and trying to take care of a stray cat ive rescued

So for the next 6 months I'm gonna be working tues,thurs, and fri(hopefully all-day shifts.). and then pulling double shifts on the weekend. and then in my spare time I'm gonna be studying for finals.
I'm saving up to get a birb, theyre called caiques and they are the cutest lil fluffs I have ever seen
and I'm hoping that I could start paying for my own phone bill. It'll bring me one step closer to moving out of my house
Plus my friends are calling me spoiled because my mother pays for the majority of my college classes. I tried telling them that I pay for my books and I chip in for the payments but they're still set on calling me spoiled about it.
But bitch please, I pay for my own groceries, I pay for all 4 cat vet bills, I give my mother $350 a month for car payment/ insurance
so fuck offff
So now I'm gonna try and pay for them fully too. Or maybe they're just upset that their parents realize that they aren't really going anywhere in life so there's no point in sending them to college :P BAM
Also I got accepted into the vet-tech program! so maybe now I can get a job with animals and get my foot in the door!!

The only way you'll be able to reach me is through Snapchat for a little while.
hopefully once school ends I'll have more time
for work and art lol
bye c:

Since I dot have money to give my only option is to help spread this shit like a wildfire!
This very shy, abused pup is across the country and thir family is trying to get her back but a plane ticket is expensive!
if you don't have money to donate please consider signal boosting this!
Robinflight's Passion FanArt by Rainfire02
Robinflight's Passion FanArt
Thunderclaw and Robinpaw are my OTP
its settled
you cant make me change my mind
like reading warriors? check out this awesome story!!
written by the lovely :icontragic-comedian:
she's got 3 chapters out right now and more to come soon!!

sorry Kieru, I know Thunderclaw is a golden tabby ;_;
I'm not sure if you had a ref of your characters, other than the alligances sheet but I always pictured Robinpaw to be on the redder side of brown.
I tried my best but I couldn't help myself I HAD to draw this scene
Setting sunlight dappled a sandy backyard as a breeze carried the scent of early autumn throughout the air. A young, dark-haired, scruffy boy was lying on his back, basking in the weak sunlight on a swing with one leg propped up on the swing and the other rocking back and forth casually. With his arms folded behind his head, he quietly hummed to the song he was listening to on his iPod, a smile stretching ear-to-ear.  On the other side of the yard an older boy with lighter hair was underneath a car, fixing it. A radio nearby was playing some country song, half of it was static but the boy didn’t seem to mind. He pulled himself out from under the car to see his younger brother lazily lounging about and chuckled to himself.
“Hey Leo, are you going to spend all summer vacation lying on that swing listening to music?” He called out to him but Leo didn’t respond, too engulfed in the music blasting in his ears. The older boy leaned down and picked up an acorn and threw it at him. It landed on Leo’s chest and startled him out of the swing, landing on the ground with a soft thud. Sitting up angrily, he scowled at his brother, “What was that for?!”
“You’ve been listening to grown men scream into your ears all day, call mom and see how she and the baby are doing.” He yelled across the yard. Leo stood up and brushed the dirt off of his dull-blue hoodie and pulled out his phone. “No new messages” He called out. “Call her, you idiot.” The elder brother snapped. “She turned it off, I already tried calling her, Adam.” Leo grimaced at his brother.
Adam sighed and rubbed his forehead with his oil-covered hand, “What do you want to do for dinner then?” He asked. “To not the burnt down house.” Leo replied with a laugh. “How ‘bout some pizza instead?” He looked at Adam with an excited smile. “Again?” Adam stared at him, “Jeez, you’re like a freakin’ trash-compactor.” He stated with a huff. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Leo said as he pulled out his phone and walked inside the house. Adam shook his head, smiling, as he returned to working on his car, grunting as he plopped back into the metal dolly, softly singing to the song on the static radio.
Inside the house Leo was sitting on a bar stool near the kitchen counter, swiveling as he waited for the local pizzeria to answer the phone. Rhythmically tapping his fingers on the counter, he continued to spin around on the chair. There was a click and a melancholy voice spoke out, “Thank you for calling-“
Momentarily, the ground shook and the sound of shattered glass distracted him, followed by a heart-wrenching scream. Immediately Leo dropped the phone and sprinted outside, looking frantically side-to-side. His heart stopped when he saw Adam’s motionless body pinned underneath the car he was working on, the cries of agony coming from him.
“ADAM!!” Leo screamed and bolted over to the car. He skidded to a halt in front of it and crouched to try and lift it. The adrenaline pumping throughout his body allowed him to hold the car only a few inches off the ground. “Adam!! You have to move!! NOW!!” Leo yelled through grunts and gritted teeth as the weight of the car pressed heavily on his hands. His legs started to tremble slightly and his shoulders felt like they would pop out of their sockets. “Adam! NOW!!” He cried to his brother.
“Leo…” Adam rasped, looking up at his brother. “I can’t-” He sobbed. “I can’t move.” Adam groaned and cried out in pain as the car squeaked and threatened to collapse back onto his already broken body. “Stop fucking with me!” Leo cried, tears pooling in his eyes.
“Leo! You need to put the car down. Before you hurt yourself...” Adam’s voice broke off at the end in gasps and sobs. “Please...” Leo cried, putting his head on the hood of the car, and straining to hold the car up further, only to hear something in his back crack, and his knees began to tremble violently. “You have to…”
Leo strained harder to hold the car up as he slowly positioned the weight on his left and reached his right foot around the car to try and scoot his brother out from underneath. But his efforts were futile, his brother was too heavy for him to move, even on the dolly with wheels. Leo cursed as he repositioned the weight evenly, his mind racing to find another way to save his brother.
“Just put the car down Leo...” Adam coughed. “I love you. This wasn’t your fault. You did your best.” His voice breaking at the end. “NO!” Leo screamed as he could feel his strength and adrenaline draining, and his knees slowly giving out underneath him. “Goddammit!! This isn’t happening!” He cried.
“Leo, you did everything you could. Just put the car down. I’m sorry to put you through this.” Adam whispered. “No! No! No!” Leo screamed as his knees buckled and his right shoulder was torn from its socket, making him cry out and let go of the fender he was holding. The car landed with a sickening crunch back on the ground and Adam started to scream through gritted teeth in utter agony. Slowly kneeling to the ground, Leo rested his head on the hood of the car and wept, whispering “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” repeatedly. His brother’s screams and cries continued to ring in Leo’s ears, even after they slowly came to short, shallow rasps until finally his brother became silent.
After the sun had finished setting and the moon was at its highest, all Leo could hear was the sound of the static radio and his quiet sobbing as he collapsed in front of his brother’s dead body, whimpering quietly, “I did everything I could.”
To A Man On Grand Manam
My friend's father lived in Canda for a while amd knew this man who suffered what happened to Leo
I was so upset for the guy..i don't even know uim..but I cried..?
then I decided to incorporate it with my story
enjoy :/
So um..

haven't been on in a while
haven't gotten to my messages yet
if anyone is still sorry
school and work and other things have taken up my time almost entirely
did I mention I got a bird?
she's the best c:

love you guys, just still working up the money for another computer. maybe ill upload paper doodles in a bit...dunno haven't really been drawing lately thanks to work and trying to take care of a stray cat ive rescued



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Rainfire02 journal doll :3 by mossaroo
:bulletpurple: Jess(w/ 2 ss' is the ginger)
:bulletorange: Jes(w/ 1 s is the one i swim with)
~Starclan's messenger~

You work with me you're set,
You fuck with me you die.


Me: You wanna know what I think? I thin-
Mom: No we don't
Me: D:
Brynn/Derek/Shannon: Lol

Me:*7 AM summer of 10, texting buddies, waiting for swimming practice to start*
text: Hey, u awake?
Nathan replies: How did you know I like tea?
I sned: what?!
*3 hours later*
Nathan replies: sorry I was asleep
Me:... ._.

Me: After the 7th day, God made the 8th day, and on that day, God said, 'make me a sammich!'

Bucko: well..thats cuz...your an Emma
Me: Oh great im my own species!

Me: oh ok so its like this?
Girl: How could u! ill never love you!
Guy1: NOOOOOOOOOOO*points to guy2*how could you?!ill never sleep iwth you!

Shannon: Hey Emma want the salt?
Me: Yea
Shannon: Go get it

Bucko: *sneeze* i sneezed on the potbrownie...sorry im not used to it
All: lol

Bucko:If you firetruck ride with ANYONE i will kill you
Me:...I thought that was a sex move...

*le gym class of 08(I think)*
Bucko: Hi welcome to second base how may I take your order?
Me: Uhh*pant*can I get a cheeseburger?
Bucko: Oh but we don't serve any REAL food
Me: >:I

Me: Oh! Look at my toes! My lil sister did them!
Girls: awwwww!
Me: She's 14
Girls: oh...

Me: I need another finger*stumbles into bathroom*
Family(& Jess): rofl wtf?

Me:*tears apart empty water bottle*nyam am om nom nom
Shannon:*Snatchs it quickly* would you stop?!
Me: I can't help it! I'm hungry...C'mere Mitten...*giggles*

Jes: Well his-...*looks at lil boy* i can't say it with him here..
Me: then use the word...carrot
Jes:Well then, his carrots need to drop
Me:...i like carrots...the fruit!err- VEGETABLE!

Me: hey! you dumbass! get the fuckoff your phone!!!ARGGG!!
Shamrox: lol!
Mom: The person behind us is on their phone too Emma
Me: HEY YOU! *turns around* GET THE FU-*ducks*oh shit she's black. 0_0

Me: U clean them dishes
Scott: lol yea brb
Me: I want those dishes so clean, I can eat off of them!

Tawnee: I just met this girl and I've already gone through her legs into a small hole!

Me: Aw dude! You should have brought your smore's kit! We could have smoked the-erm...

*le summer of 10*
Jessica and I sitting in hte bathtub naked after running around in sprinklers, calling mommy over for dinner
Me: Mom can we do Divi's for dinner?
Mom: Sure*walks out*
Me: Ok co-
Mom:*Abruptly wakls back in* I have some serious doubts about you two...

Jess: Maybe she's taking a new approach
Me: Nigga shiiitttt shes gay?
Jess: lolno

Me: you need to get home
Bucko: u can wait
Me: No i cant, its like trying to hold in your pee
Bucko: drip drip dip lol nice metophor
Me: U bitch i really gotta pee, BAD

Jimmy: Say the alphabet backwards!!
Me: Z Y X-
Me: Jimmy wtf? You're drunk off your skinny ass
Dom: Backforward?

*le 2010 Jess and I are running through sprinklers..again*
Jess:I want a piggy back ride!

*LE 2010 eating dinner with family*
Me:*Sneezes on le bread*oops...
Mom: You better throw that peice away.
Me: Yea yea i will i will
Grandpa: *Grabs piece i sneezed on*
Me: Pappy wait-...nvmd

*Le 2002*
Jimmy: Hey...Emma I hear your sister screaming something..
*We hop le fence into my backyard, wait outside her window*
Shamrox: 4 6 29 72 58 IS THIS NORMAL? IS THIS NORMAL?!?

Shamrox: What should her name be?
Me: Ugly Fuck

Shamrox: Do the creep-*BUUURRRPPP*
Me: lol wtf? that wasn't the creep! That was the monster under your bed!
Shamrox: idk what came over me ._.

Dave: Hey Emma you wanna leave early?
Me: wha...uh...a-are you firing me..?

Me: Is this Joe's Pizza?
Employee: Yes
Me: thank god! Do you deliver in Edgewater?
Employee: Yes

Me: Sadfacee
Alex: Sadface = dumb
Me: sadface = me = sexy beast
Alex: Can't argue with that logic

Me: Theres always some dumb bilbo on shows like these!!
Mom:..Bilbo's a hobbit...

Ben: silent treatment, not even titties will save you
Me: Shit just got real

The rain's all like: "Hey Emma! Come out and play!"
And I'm all like: "I can't rain, I've got a job now."
Then Rain's all like: "D':"

Mom: What's RedLightGreenLight?
Me:WHAT. you've NEVER played RLGL??
Mom: No..I-
Me: what do you live in a rock?!
Shannon: Emma, the expression is "Do you live UNDER a rock" not IN it!
Me: NONONO Mother doesn't get the privilage in living underneath a rock, and know what goes on under a rock. she deserves to live inside and to never understand what goes on around her!
Mom: Lol wtf

Dom: Whose Mario?
Me: Luigi obviously..oh wait.*smack*

Jimmy:*tosses bottlerocket into campfire*RUSSIAN ROULETTE!

Me: oh~ I'm gonna put my feet on that-nevermind it's too cold and hard
Reed: That's what she said
Me: YUCK! why's it cold??
Reed: Maybe she's a necrophiliac

Me: *Having trouble with hiccups, ive been battling them for was fucking ridiccuolous*
Becca: Are you gonna bE ok?
ME:don't worryI got this shit*holds breath*
Me:got it*hic DAMMIT!!!

*Whilst in the Poconos...*
Dom: How many pizzas should we get?
Me: Well how many peices is everyone gonna eat?
Richard: Well...I'm going to eat 2-3 slices...Jimmy's gonna eat 2-3 slices cause he's a fatass..
*Dom and I stare at richard*
Both: Do you even realize what you said?
Richard: What? Me? No.

*One night(still in the poconos) Krystyna stumbles into the house drunk and says...*
Krystyna: I'm not just saying this cause I'm drunk....but this rocking chair has been purposely attacking me for that past five days...
Me:'ve been drunk for the past 5 days...

*Fourth of July, watching fireworks with Dom and Jimmy*
All: ooh~
*single firework goes off*
Jimmy: My eyes are lagging!

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