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This is where...well im gonna have my squeaky and shiny new drawings! adn my old rusty ones too!XD



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I don't think I ever told you guys about them...So the stray cat, Maple, had a litter of four kittens. 
two tabbies, a calico, and a black w/ white booties.
I dubbed them all Eenie, Menie, Minie, and Moe. The tabbies being, Eenie, and Menie. The calcio being Minie and the lil black one is Moe.

Moe is uber tiny...the kittens are about 3 weeks old now, and she's still only about half as big as her siblings, and like 1/3 of thier weight. We've been feeding her formula and such and keeping a close eye on her and seh's doing much better now. I'd love to say, "She may make it" but that's what we said about my Uncle, and then shit hit the fan on that one so...gonna be careful with that phrase from now on.
Anywho, we've been feeding her formula, and watching her, helping her go to the bathroom, but Maple flips shit everytime we go to take her(we keep her with them so she can still interact and learn social skils and such). But the fcukin bitch doesn't feed her anyways!

oh yea, and I hate Maple now, fucking cat nearly tore my wrist off, no lie. I was luckily wearing a hoodie when I had to literally tear her off of our babycat Vixie. She doesn't even try to communicate with our other cats, she just charges them, and when I got her off of Vixie she immediately went to my wrist and started to tear the fucker up. The damage she had done to it, she had done THROUGH the padding of the hoodie. It was so bad, my hand was swollen and I couldn't dress myself for 3 days. It was embarassing ;_;

so you..fuck that cat.
As soon as her kittens are gone, she's fucking gone too.


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Rainfire02 journal doll :3 by mossaroo
:bulletpurple: Jess(w/ 2 ss' is the ginger)
:bulletorange: Jes(w/ 1 s is the one i swim with)
~Starclan's messenger~

You work with me you're set,
You fuck with me you die.


Me: You wanna know what I think? I thin-
Mom: No we don't
Me: D:
Brynn/Derek/Shannon: Lol

Me:*7 AM summer of 10, texting buddies, waiting for swimming practice to start*
text: Hey, u awake?
Nathan replies: How did you know I like tea?
I sned: what?!
*3 hours later*
Nathan replies: sorry I was asleep
Me:... ._.

Me: After the 7th day, God made the 8th day, and on that day, God said, 'make me a sammich!'

Bucko: well..thats cuz...your an Emma
Me: Oh great im my own species!

Me: oh ok so its like this?
Girl: How could u! ill never love you!
Guy1: NOOOOOOOOOOO*points to guy2*how could you?!ill never sleep iwth you!

Shannon: Hey Emma want the salt?
Me: Yea
Shannon: Go get it

Bucko: *sneeze* i sneezed on the potbrownie...sorry im not used to it
All: lol

Bucko:If you firetruck ride with ANYONE i will kill you
Me:...I thought that was a sex move...

*le gym class of 08(I think)*
Bucko: Hi welcome to second base how may I take your order?
Me: Uhh*pant*can I get a cheeseburger?
Bucko: Oh but we don't serve any REAL food
Me: >:I

Me: Oh! Look at my toes! My lil sister did them!
Girls: awwwww!
Me: She's 14
Girls: oh...

Me: I need another finger*stumbles into bathroom*
Family(& Jess): rofl wtf?

Me:*tears apart empty water bottle*nyam am om nom nom
Shannon:*Snatchs it quickly* would you stop?!
Me: I can't help it! I'm hungry...C'mere Mitten...*giggles*

Jes: Well his-...*looks at lil boy* i can't say it with him here..
Me: then use the word...carrot
Jes:Well then, his carrots need to drop
Me:...i like carrots...the fruit!err- VEGETABLE!

Me: hey! you dumbass! get the fuckoff your phone!!!ARGGG!!
Shamrox: lol!
Mom: The person behind us is on their phone too Emma
Me: HEY YOU! *turns around* GET THE FU-*ducks*oh shit she's black. 0_0

Me: U clean them dishes
Scott: lol yea brb
Me: I want those dishes so clean, I can eat off of them!

Tawnee: I just met this girl and I've already gone through her legs into a small hole!

Me: Aw dude! You should have brought your smore's kit! We could have smoked the-erm...

*le summer of 10*
Jessica and I sitting in hte bathtub naked after running around in sprinklers, calling mommy over for dinner
Me: Mom can we do Divi's for dinner?
Mom: Sure*walks out*
Me: Ok co-
Mom:*Abruptly wakls back in* I have some serious doubts about you two...

Jess: Maybe she's taking a new approach
Me: Nigga shiiitttt shes gay?
Jess: lolno

Me: you need to get home
Bucko: u can wait
Me: No i cant, its like trying to hold in your pee
Bucko: drip drip dip lol nice metophor
Me: U bitch i really gotta pee, BAD

Jimmy: Say the alphabet backwards!!
Me: Z Y X-
Me: Jimmy wtf? You're drunk off your skinny ass
Dom: Backforward?

*le 2010 Jess and I are running through sprinklers..again*
Jess:I want a piggy back ride!

*LE 2010 eating dinner with family*
Me:*Sneezes on le bread*oops...
Mom: You better throw that peice away.
Me: Yea yea i will i will
Grandpa: *Grabs piece i sneezed on*
Me: Pappy wait-...nvmd

*Le 2002*
Jimmy: Hey...Emma I hear your sister screaming something..
*We hop le fence into my backyard, wait outside her window*
Shamrox: 4 6 29 72 58 IS THIS NORMAL? IS THIS NORMAL?!?

Shamrox: What should her name be?
Me: Ugly Fuck

Shamrox: Do the creep-*BUUURRRPPP*
Me: lol wtf? that wasn't the creep! That was the monster under your bed!
Shamrox: idk what came over me ._.

Dave: Hey Emma you wanna leave early?
Me: wha...uh...a-are you firing me..?

Me: Is this Joe's Pizza?
Employee: Yes
Me: thank god! Do you deliver in Edgewater?
Employee: Yes

Me: Sadfacee
Alex: Sadface = dumb
Me: sadface = me = sexy beast
Alex: Can't argue with that logic

Me: Theres always some dumb bilbo on shows like these!!
Mom:..Bilbo's a hobbit...

Ben: silent treatment, not even titties will save you
Me: Shit just got real

The rain's all like: "Hey Emma! Come out and play!"
And I'm all like: "I can't rain, I've got a job now."
Then Rain's all like: "D':"

Mom: What's RedLightGreenLight?
Me:WHAT. you've NEVER played RLGL??
Mom: No..I-
Me: what do you live in a rock?!
Shannon: Emma, the expression is "Do you live UNDER a rock" not IN it!
Me: NONONO Mother doesn't get the privilage in living underneath a rock, and know what goes on under a rock. she deserves to live inside and to never understand what goes on around her!
Mom: Lol wtf

Dom: Whose Mario?
Me: Luigi obviously..oh wait.*smack*

Jimmy:*tosses bottlerocket into campfire*RUSSIAN ROULETTE!

Me: oh~ I'm gonna put my feet on that-nevermind it's too cold and hard
Reed: That's what she said
Me: YUCK! why's it cold??
Reed: Maybe she's a necrophiliac

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I made the species, and they even have a group!! 
i finally finished it sorry it took so long :D (Big Grin) 
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Rainfire02 Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love it :DD
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I FINALLY FOUND YOU RAINEH ;3; When you moved your account it was impossible for me to find you v-v
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I looked through your gallery to see if I coudl recognize you(Btw daryl for the fucking win)
But I'm sorry, I don't seem to remember who you are :(
Where did I move my account from? Youtube?
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